Monday, May 30, 2011

One Treasury Of Beauty for Summer

This a Treasury of the Beauty of Summer and things that are related to enjoying it along the way , Art,Fashion & Bold Color . I love Treasury lists they speak to so many things designs,personality and interests of artisans around the world so grab an Iced Tea sit back and come check the Treasury lists out at etsy , so much to see and share and best of all there are no crowds or waiting in lines for the things you love and Enjoy. Until Next Time Always Stay Creative
Please Copy & Paste the below URL to view The Treasury and Post Comments I promise you will Love the things that people put into the Treasury lists !!

This is A very accurate statement from Handmadeology and I wanted to share it with everyone .
Buying Handmade Supports Community -

When you support the handmade movement by buying interesting handmade crafts, clothing and art, you’re not simply “buying a thing” you’re helping to create and define a new grassroots global community! We all need a certain measure of possessions to go about living our lives and when you buy consciously and with purpose by supporting amazing craftspeople, then you’re joining a vibrant community with the collective mission of living in a way that’s more meaningful and fulfilling than the dominant big-box culture.
And best of all most of the Items are your own personal one of a kind , do you have any thing to craft or design? it could be anything . Reach for your Dreams and share your talents there countless avenues to use !Check out my links, sign up and post your work,join the groups and be Inspired , come on you can do it !