Friday, April 29, 2011

Aspirecreations777's photostream

No Rhyme No ReasonNo Rhyme No ReasonFreshwater Pearls with Shell PendantFreshwater Pearls with Shell PendantFreshwater Pearls, Blue Chalcedony,Amethyst and Abalone Pendant NecklaceFreshwater Pearls, Blue Chalcedony,Amethyst and Abalone Pendant Necklace
Freshwater Pearls, Blue Chalcedony,Amethyst and Abalone Pendant NecklaceMoonstone Necklace with Sea OpalsRainbow Pearls with Hand Carved Ivory PendantSea Opals and Larimar Pendant NecklaceSea Opals and Larimar Pendant NecklaceLabradorite Necklace with Labradorite & Amethyst Pendant
Bronze Freshwater Pearls and Turquoise NecklaceVintage Copper Beads and Turquoise Pendant NecklaceLabradorite Necklace and Pendant SetAmethyst Necklace and Pendant with Pearl AccentsMoonstone Necklace Set with Garnets and Sea OpalsVintage Garnet Pearl Necklace  and Large Garnet Pendant


  1. Hoped in through the Blog Frog... Your work is beautiful! I would have a hard time to decide on just one... I will be following you... Have a great day! ~

    PascaleA (

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